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Sometimes Good things come from tragic events and that is exactly how our charitable group was formed.

One of our own Hockey Guys passed away suddenly on the ice in 2007.  We had a money raising event to help his family out during their difficult times.

It was a huge success and enjoyed by all involved.  It was that point we decided we were going to try this again next year to raise money for a worthwhile cause.  From there we have never looked back and each year has been a bigger success.  In 2015, we recieved our 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Status.

After years and years of people asking how they can give something extra to the H4L Charity, we’ve created this Donation page for a simple, straightforward process.  You can make donations right here on our site using Debit or Credit Cards.  We’re encrypted and using Stripe with 0% interest, so every dollar that you donate goes to the Hockey 4 Life Foundation and nothing else.

All contributions to Hockey4Life are 100% Tax Deductible.  You’ll receive an email receipt for you donation shortly after submission for your records.

Any questions at all, let us know over on our Contact Page.  Corporate Donations are near the bottom of this page.



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